Joining the community

Hi there, great that you're showing interest in becoming a member of our community! We are always looking for more members who want to be actively involved in our community. Before you dive into sending us your membership request, we would like to inform you that our community is based on trust and so we have a few community guidelines involving Slack etiquette:

  1. Introduce yourself once you've joined our channel
  2. Please use a real picture of yourself, this is not a place for anonymity
  3. Always try to stay polite
  4. Check our code of conduct for more info

What should you put in the request?

We got a couple of questions lined up for you, but make sure you use the email, you want to use for your slack account. In the past there were cases where people used their work mail and lost access due changing jobs.

  • First & last name *
  • Where are you located? * (city)
  • What is your current role or are you specialising in? * (no abbreviations please)
  • Social media profile link (optional)
  • Do you identify as female, transgender or a gender minority? * (yes/no)
  • How did you hear about women.code(be)? *

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