Your support matters!

women.code(be) is a relatively small community that relies on supporters, sponsors and partnerships to be able to keep our events free of charge and accessible to women who code in Belgium. If you believe in a cause with a focus on improving diversity in tech, support us. Your support could really make a difference! It allows us to be better equipped and to grow our impact and empower more women. We believe that "the women in tech of today are the role models we need for tomorrow!"

What we do

We organise a variety of events such as our tech talk events that occur every 2-3 months, regular social nights where small groups of female developers can network over a couple of drinks, a workshop every now and then and in the future we'd love to organise our own hackathon. Besides events, we also have an online platform where we support and encourage the women in our community, a place to talk about pretty much everything, a safe space.

Have a venue to offer? Or want to sponsor our meetups?

We are always looking for companies/organisations that want to host one of our events at their venue and sponsor drinks (or food). Preferably in or near one of these cities:

  • Antwerp
  • Brussels
  • Ghent
  • Mechelen
  • Leuven

Some venue expectations:

Ideally, your venue is easily accessible by public transport (most of us come from various locations in Belgium). The venue itself should have a meeting room or an area where talks can be given. We usually need a projector + screen or a clear wall, WiFi (for our speakers) and seats for our guests.

Please make sure you mention the capacity for your venue when contacting us.

Meetup sponsors, will receive a spot on our sponsor/meetup sponsors section at the bottom of this page, unless they state their wish to stay anonymous.

Want to support us financially?

As a community, your donations are cricitcal for us to survive and keep on doing what we do. Our funds are mostly spend on:

  • expenses that come with hosting events (think venues, material, drinks, food)
  • organisational tools

By funding/donating, you will also help us expand our reach and give us the opportunity to improve our events.

Companies that support us financially, receive a spot on our sponsor/donations section, unless they state their wish to stay anonymous.

Want to form a partnership?

Have an idea that you wanna run by us? Co-organise a meetup together or another event? We'd love to chat!

We are open for collaborations with other communities and companies to organise inclusive or women-only events.

Contact us

If you have any more questions or want to support us in any of the ways mentioned above, different from donations, please reach out to and mention the type of support you wish to discus (sponsor, venue, partnership, ...) in the subject.

Our sponsors

Workshop sponsors

Companies and organisations that hosted our workshops:

Community partners

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Companies, organisations and people that donated money to help our cause.